ESG Playbook’s DEI module allows your company, VC fund, private equity portfolio, or individual HR/DEI professional to signal to the public, industry peers, investors, or hiring manager that you take DEI seriously, are committed to improvement, and have taken the proper steps to ensure real, lasting change.

  • Customizable questions for demographics and sentiment criteria
  • Create custom questions
  • Peer comparison and score card on an industry level
  • Quickly tabulate your DEI data with surveys
  • Trend analysis for year over year changes
  • Survey manager for board and employees
  • Understand the risk in your employee base with sentiment questions
  • Compare your results with Industry benchmarking
  • Create your own dashboard
  • Shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices so everyone in your organization attains their full potential.

Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Solution to Help You Shift Your Culture

Multiple studies have proven that diverse teams drive better business performance and organizations with greater diversity become more resilient and innovative. And inclusion is required for diverse groups to thrive.

To see real, sustainable change, and to leverage the full potential of all their talent, organizations must go beyond diversity and inclusion to focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.