Create a gap analysis and peer comparison on the topics you pick from industry leaders

The first step in ESG reporting is compiling a peer comparison regarding the topics on which your peers are reporting. ESG Playbook has done the heavy lifting for you to aggregate this data, allowing you to select material topics from those chosen by the industry leaders.

Pick your material topics like an industry leader

  • Create your own peer comparison and pick topics from industry leaders
  • Data on the top 2,000 Public companies
  • GAP analysis on your topics versus the industry leaders
  • Select one of the SASB 77 industries to pick your own topics
  • Filter by SASB, GRI and WEF frameworks
  • 2,000 comprehensive sustainability reports as resource to see how industry leaders are reporting on topics
  • Industry adoption rating on each topic
  • Understand what frameworks each company has used and who they were assured by
  • Data on whether the company has been assured (audited) and by whom