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About Us

ESG Playbook Platform: The most complete reporting solution in the industry

ESG Playbook brings you a sustainable advantage

ESG Playbook is the most complete reporting solution across the Environmental, Social and Governance pillars

Our Platform provides the most complete reporting solutions available today across each of the Environmental, Social, and Governance pillars


  • Energy Usage and Renewables
  • Water Usage
  • Emissions (GHG)
  • Water Reduction and Diversion
  • Supply Chain and Materials
  • Tenant Engagement
  • Climate Resilience


  • Health and Wellness
  • Safety
  • Diversity and Gender Equality
  • Labor Issues
  • Community Impact
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Impact Analysis


  • Governance Structure around Sustainability
  • Board Diversity
  • Compensation Programs
  • Government and
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Business Ethics
  • Sustainability-Linked Financing

Frameworks & Regulations

We support all the major frameworks

Our solutions support all the major frameworks and we provide the ability to mix and match elements across these frameworks. This enables our clients to create sustainability reports based on the unique needs of their organization.