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The only platform that offers all the ESG reporting tools and frameworks in one place.

Sustainability reporting for public and private companies.

The ESG Playbook platform is designed to help companies across all industries and sectors, as well as investors, better understand, measure, aggregate and report on their ESG strategic risks and opportunities.

  • EU Taxonomy
  • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics (SCM)/World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) – 2021 Standards
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol)

Pick your topics
from industry leaders

Engage with your stakeholders:
Create your double
materiality assessment (CSRD)

Multi-User and Multi Company

Scope 1, 2 & 3
With Full Value Chain & Surveys

Understand Your Demographics With Survey Manager For Board And Employees

Understand Your Risk In Your Supply Chain And Calculate Your Scope 3 Emissions

Prepare your PAI statement, pre-contractual and periodic disclosures

Multi-Company Portfolio Reporting, Policy, Engagement & Stewardship

Complete Your EU Taxonomy;
Guidance On Every Step

Create a gap analysis and peer comparison on the topics you pick from industry leaders

The first step in ESG reporting is compiling a peer comparison regarding the topics on which your peers are reporting. ESG Playbook has done the heavy lifting for you to aggregate this data, allowing you to select material topics from those chosen by the industry leaders.

Pick your material topics like an industry leader

  • Create your own peer comparison and pick topics from industry leaders
  • Data on the top 2,000 Public companies
  • GAP analysis on your topics versus the industry leaders
  • Select one of the SASB 77 industries to pick your own topics
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The Materiality Matrix Module Assess Your Double Materiality in line with the CSRD Requirements

Materiality assessment is a key requirement for GRI, WEF reporting frameworks and the CSRD regulation. A materiality assessment is a stakeholder engagement tool to understand what your key stakeholders think is material in terms of ESG risk and opportunities for your company.

Engage With your Stakeholders on ESG Material Topics

  • Perform double materiality assessments compliant with CSRD regulations
  • Improve risk management, annual report and Board oversight by incorporating material issues from 3,000+ ESG risk factors
  • Industry specific guidance provided
  • Ability to customize your own topics
  • Analyze you materiality assessment by stakeholder groups
  • Survey manager to track your progress
  • Stakeholder manager to track to import your contacts
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The ESG Report Builder Reporting Across All Major Frameworks


  • Industry specific guidance
  • Customize your own ESG report with all major frameworks
  • Guidance on every topic and every framework
  • Project management to track tasks
  • Request data from non-users
  • Audit ready and verifiable
  • Reference our database of 2,000 public companies ESG reports
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The Carbon Reporter Assess tracks and measures your carbon footprint with Net Zero tools incorporated.


  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 (all mandatory GHG reporting scopes)
  • ISO 14064 Compliant
  • Audit-ready, verifiable, traceable
  • API for importing data
  • Survey Manager to streamline data collection
  • Net Zero Reporting
  • CDP industry benchmarking
  • Global unit conversions to increase accuracy of data
  • Anomalies Alerts to track inaccurate data inputs
  • LCA for Real Estate
  • Estimate your carbon footprint on facilities where no data is available
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ESG Playbook’s DEI module allows your company, VC fund, private equity portfolio, or individual HR/DEI professional to signal to the public, industry peers, investors, or hiring manager that you take DEI seriously, are committed to improvement, and have taken the proper steps to ensure real, lasting change.

  • Customizable questions for demographics and sentiment criteria
  • Create custom questions
  • Peer comparison and score card on an industry level
  • Quickly tabulate your DEI data with surveys
  • Trend analysis for year over year changes
  • Survey manager for board and employees
  • Understand the risk in your employee base with sentiment questions
  • Compare your results with Industry benchmarking
  • Create your own dashboard
  • Shift mindsets, behaviors, and practices so everyone in your organization attains their full potential.
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Supply Chain Portal is a sustainable supply chain software solution providing your business with transparency and compliance across your entire supplier network.

Supplier Chain Portal enables you to:

  • Supplier portal with chat for communication and questions
  • Align supplier management practices with sustainability goals
  • Customize and weight your risk assessment with GRI, CDP, SASB & WEF topics
  • Automatic rating with customized questionnaires
  • Modern Slavery due diligence for European and US regulations
  • Consolidate supplier engagement into one platform
  • Identify and manage supply chain risk
  • Calculate Scope 3 GHG emissions
  • Run a robust supplier due diligence process using key sustainability and wider business metrics
  • Measure and improve supplier performance in areas important to your business
  • Compliance analysis on purchases with tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers
  • Audit capabilities with task assignments
  • Global mapping of suppliers, products, facilities and country risk
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Use granular SFDR/EU Taxonomy aligned data directly from the companies in your portfolio to:

  • Automatically execute SFDR/EU Taxonomy screening of portfolios
  • Generate regulatory disclosure reports on a fund and entity level
  • Ability to incorporate data on multiple vendors with benchmarking on a KPI level
  • Track accurate versus estimate data for your KPIs
  • Create your Pre-contractual and Periodic Statements and with guidance for every step
  • Manage the sustainability impact of your investments with guidance and compliance and project management tools
  • Automatically retrieve and disseminate your PAI reports
  • Survey manager to collect data for private companies with the data rolling up to the fund level to produce your PAI report
  • Verification tools available for assurance/auditing of PAI report
  • Analysis dashboards for both sector filtering and article 8 & 9 funds
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The ESG Playbook Portfolio Manager provides tools tailor-made for the purpose of ESG data collection, risk analysis, and reporting both at the portfolio company and fund level.

  • EU Taxonomy, SFDR including PAI reports to comply with regulations coming into effect January 1, 2023
  • Ability to support companies at all levels of ESG maturity
  • Roll up data from individual companies into a fund view
  • Fund Risk Assessment Dashboard with red flag report
  • Governance Dashboard allowing your investment teams to comply with ESG integration
  • Portfolio portal to invite companies into to self report and compile their own ESG reporting including carbon report
  • Stewardship tools to comply with UN PRI requirements
  • ESG Industry Risk Management Due Diligence
  • Report across all the major frameworks SASB, TCFD, SCM, GRI UN SDGs & WEF
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What is the EU Taxonomy?

“The EU Taxonomy provides a classification system or framework to create a common language for sustainable finance and corporate sustainability. It was developed to provide investors with enough information to compare companies’ sustainability disclosure and performance.”

How ESG Playbook helps you report:

ESG Playbook walks you through the EU Taxonomy process by breaking down each step to digestible steps with guidance to keep you on track

  • Mapping of Nace activities to EU Taxonomy sectors
  • Mapping of Nace level 2-4 activities with guidance every step of the way
  • Map your activities to entity levels
  • Facility and entity manager to track data in detail
  • Import your financial data to align with Do No Significant Harm (DNSH), Minimum Safeguards and Substantial contribution
  • Project management and verification tools built into the module
  • Request data from non-users on the platform
  • Streamline data aggregation with a processes to save you time

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Data Protection and Security

Your data is unique. Your privacy is valuable. We treat your data just like we treat our own: responsibly.

Have full transparency and peace of mind on when and how your business data is being used. The ESG Playbook platform uses cutting-edge security to protect your data.