SFDR 2023 Reporting: All you need to know

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is a European regulation introduced on March 10, 2021. It is an important pillar of the EU action plan on financing sustainable growth. SFDR aims to improve transparency in the market for sustainable investment products, prevent greenwashing and increase transparency around sustainability claims made by financial market participants. Under SFDR, Financial Market Participants (FMPs) and financial products are subject to different disclosure requirements.

One in Four

In Q4 2020, over one in four S&P 500 companies conducted earnings calls mentioning “ESG.”


#Shareholder voting rights can be a powerful ESG tool. Sustainability can be incorporated into investment processes in several ways.

Attract More Capital and Investment

These ESG-mandated investments or ESG assets are becoming increasingly popular among investors. Deloitte found that ESG-mandated assets represented roughly 10% of total assets in 2012.

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