Published On: March 29, 2022

Press Release

March 28, 2022

ESG Playbook and Native Energy are proud to announce their partnership which collectively offers a comprehensive range of services for various Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solutions to aid businesses in offsetting carbon emissions. ESG Playbook offers a complete set of reporting tools and frameworks by industry in a single integrated platform. While Native Energy offers to assist businesses in impact investing by bringing carbon offsets to local communities and achieve renewable energy objectives through delivering upon their motto, “Envision your ideal climate solution. Let us build it”.

Concurrently as ESG Playbook will help clients with creating a complete sustainability report, carbon report, materiality matrix, and topic benchmarking on industry leaders; Native Energy’s team of scientists and legal specialists will aid in identifying solutions to create a project that allows companies to bring renewables online, invest in impact create renewable energy credits and offer offset opportunities.

ESG Playbook’s founder and CEO Sonia Zugel states, “We are excited to have a partner with similar ambitions to assist and guide companies to align with the Paris Agreement and make a 1.5C degree world a possibility. Through teamwork and proactiveness our dream of a better world, environmentally and socially, can become reality”. Ultimately, this partnership demonstrates a “one stop shop” approach for all your sustainability needs.

Why ESG is important

Due to the ever-increasing severity of climate change’s effects on people and the environment, it is time to act now to change the status quo of businesses. As the acceleration of climate change is primarily a man-made problem, businesses must take responsibility and move towards more sustainable solutions. In addition to ethical motives, many companies use ESG criteria not only to ensure that they operate responsibly but also to identify industry risks and opportunities. Further, sustainable development enhances corporate resilience in future crises and creates shared value among all stakeholders.

About ESG Playbook

ESG Playbook is a leader in sustainability and carbon reporting. ESG Playbook offers the most reporting tools and frameworks in the industry on a single integrated platform with streamlined data collection and analysis. Contextual guidance, prebuilt templates, and the ability to mix and match reporting standards to create customized reports and dashboards provide ESG Playbook’s clients across industries the flexibility they need in this evolving market. The platform includes but is not limited to a Climate Change Report (TCFD), Carbon Report, ESG Report Builder, Materiality Matrix, Topic Benchmarking, SFDR, Data Warehouse, ESG Stewardship Investor Engagement for Asset Management and Private Equity ESG reporting module.

About Native Native

Native Energy is a B-corp certified public benefit company, that has worked with hundreds of organizations to find sustainable solutions to urgent challenges. From years of experience, Native knows that the best investments are those where money is efficiently spent on a long-term stable future. As a result, clients save on emissions, add value for all stakeholders, are more resilient to the uncertainties, and achieve greater reach for their brand.


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