Published On: January 31, 2022

January 31, 2022

ESG Playbook partners with GRI for its Software and Tools Certification and Partnership

ESG Playbook is proud to announce its partnership with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) will add to the repository of all the major frameworks on one platform alongside SASB, TCFD, WEF, UN SDGs, UN PRI, SFDR, SBTi, and the EU taxonomy. Further, the ESG Playbook platform offers step by step assistance, pre-populated worksheets with best practice tips, and disclosures to every type of framework on the platform.

ESG Playbook’s CEO and Founder, Sonia Zugel said: “We are proud to partner with GRI. By reporting and benchmarking sustainability data we are providing solutions to help companies in their journey to strengthen and adopt ESG impacts in their core business strategy. Our toolkit increases the quality, quantity and transparency of sustainability reporting. Consequently, our solutions enhance data collection with survey management in multiple modules which is a pain point for ESG reporting. Our Topic Benchmarking and Materiality Matrix with 3,000 industry specific aids companies to quickly ascertain topics from industry leaders for their stakeholder engagement, a key component in the GRI reporting framework. Moreover, ESG Playbook has an extensive KPI database and impact dashboard which assists companies to quantify and assess their progress on their ESG impact goals.

“A major advantage of GRI is that it has created a globally consistent language for organisations to report on their impacts, thus enabling related informed discussions and decision-making”, Zugel declares: “It is no longer the time for individuals or organizations to rest on their laurels and wait for governmental action and regulations. Internationally there has been a call to action and as an interconnected-global community, everyone should do their part. We at ESG Playbook hope to help private and public companies who are committed to be part of real and positive change by working together towards a more inclusive, environmentally-friendly world for future generations.”

About ESG Playbook

ESG Playbook is a leader in sustainability and carbon reporting. ESG Playbook offers the most reporting tools and frameworks in the industry on a single integrated platform with streamlined data collection and analysis. Contextual guidance, prebuilt templates and the ability to mix and match reporting standards to create customized reports and dashboards further sets ESG Playbook apart from the competition and provides its clients across industries the flexibility they need in this evolving market. “The Playbook’s platform includes but is not limited to a Climate Change Report (TCFD), Carbon Report, ESG Report Builder, Materiality Matrix, Topic Benchmarking, Data Warehouse, ESG Stewardship Investor Engagement for Asset Management and Private Equity ESG reporting module.

About GRI

The GRI is an international organisation that helps companies take responsibility for their impact on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Since its foundation in 1997, the GRI has been a pioneer in sustainability reporting as it serves as a guide on how corporate activities can be made transparent. In 2016, it became the global standard setter for impact reporting with the aim of creating added value for all stakeholders.