Demystify The EU Taxonomy Webinar

The SFDR and EU Taxonomy sustainability regulations impose mandatory ESG reporting effective January 1, 2023 with a deadline June 30, 2023.

Are You Ready?

On January 26th ESG Playbook hosted a Webinar – “The EU Taxonomy Demystified” with guest speaker Vasarė Krikštopaitytė, ESG Compliance Consultant at Northern Horizon Capital.

The EU Taxonomy and SFDR reporting requirements went into effect January 1, 2023 with deadlines starting June 30, 2023.

Our experts broke down the timeline and requirements for the financial and non-financial elements of the EU Taxonomy and SFDR.

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This interactive webinar, with Q&A, will help to demystify the regulation and provide helpful guidance for those who need to report.


  • EU Taxonomy explanation
  • Who needs to report?
  • Reporting deadlines and requirements
  • Case Study on How To Report
  • Questions and Answers

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