Portfolio & fund level reporting

Portfolio Reporter

The ESG Playbook Portfolio Reporter offers a comprehensive set of tools for efficient ESG data collection, risk analysis, and reporting, encompassing both portfolio company and fund levels.

The module facilitates analysis, rating, scoring, and benchmarking while ensuring alignment with key ESG regulatory frameworks like SFDR and the EU taxonomy.

Additionally, the Portfolio Reporter provides valuable insights into stewardship, engagement, and compliance, enabling effective integration of ESG considerations throughout the portfolio.


  • Ability to support companies at all levels of ESG maturity

  • Roll up data from individual companies into a fund view

  • Fund Risk Assessment Dashboard with red flag report

  • Governance Dashboard allowing your investment teams to comply with ESG integration

  • Portfolio portal to invite companies into to self report and compile their own ESG reporting including carbon report

  • Stewardship tools to comply with UN PRI requirements

  • Centralize and streamline data collection

  • ESG Risk Management due diligence for all asset classes

  • Report across all the major frameworks SASB, TCFD, SCM, GRI, UN SDGs & WEF

  • Track engagement with portfolio companies

  • Track proxy voting and reporting

  • PCAF (portfolio carbon footprint) and Net Zero tools

  • ESG Fund Analysis on high and low carbon and climate change

  • Sample customizable surveys for all asset classes

Portfolio Reporter Dashboard

ESG is Challenging for Private Markets

ESG Playbook can help

Quantifying the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact of private market investments is uniquely challenging. Limited data, rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks and nuanced reporting issues create numerous challenges for general partners, even as investors are dramatically increasing their demands for detailed reporting. With ESG Playbook’s portal you can invite companies in to compile their carbon footprint and answer questions from your due diligence frameworks.

Maximize the Power of your ESG Program

Workflows, predefined templates by asset classes

The portfolio monitoring platform maximizes the power of your ESG program by centralizing ESG data collection, analysis and reporting alongside existing portfolio monitoring tools. Simplified workflows for ESG data allow you to customize a process for any investment type across private equity, venture capital, infrastructure or real estate.