Real Estate Reporter – A complete solution

Real Estate Reporter

This tool allows you to perform a transition plan on each asset by understanding hot spots in funds by tracking energy sources on each building. With the ability to aggregate the carbon footprint by building type and model transition strategies regarding carbon reduction versus cost savings.


  • Carbon footprint for building types with heatmap

  • Benchmarking on each building’s carbon performance

  • EU Taxonomy for Real Estate

  • SDFR for real estate with articles 6, 8 and 9

  • Third party vendor partnership to bring in data on physical and transitional risks

  • Marginal abatement curve to understand decarbonization of buildings

  • CRREM database for due diligence on stranded assets

  • Customizable dashboard to roll up key KPIs

  • API integration for meter data

  • Step-by-step Transition Plans to decarbonize buildings

Real Estate Reporter Dashboard