SFDR reporting – A complete Solution

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) Reporter

Use granular Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) /EU Taxonomy aligned data directly from the companies in your portfolio.  The SFDR reporter walks you through how to report on your pre-contractual fund statement, periodic reporting and Principal Adverse Impact (PAI) statement with guidance built-in and is a tool for all your teams to work together.


  • Automatically produce PAI report with API integration

  • Generate regulatory disclosure reports on a fund and entity level

  • Ability to incorporate data from multiple vendors

  • Understand your data quality

  • Track accurate versus estimate data for your KPIs

  • Aggregate data from private companies with our survey manager

  • Benchmark on a fund level and a KPI level

  • Automatically retrieve and disseminate your PAI reports

  • Compliance tools and guidance built into the platform

  • Assurance and verification tools built-in

SFDR Pre-Contractual Disclosure

EU Action Plan

Granular SFDR/EU Taxonomy

Use granular SFDR/EU Taxonomy aligned data directly from the companies in your portfolio

SFDR Classification Decision Tree

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