Simplified categories & activities

EU Taxonomy Reporter

The EU Taxonomy Reporter simplifies the EU Taxonomy process by categorizing organizations into Financial and Non-Financial Reports. It then guides you through the selection of your specific Sector and Activity, providing step-by-step assistance with regulation specific guidance. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless experience, leading you towards the completion of a comprehensive and accurate report.


  • Mapping of NACE activities to EU Taxonomy sectors

  • Mapping of NACE level activities with guidance every step of the way

  • Facility and entity manager to track data in detail

  • Streamlined data aggregation

  • Import your financial data to align with Do No Significant Harm (DNSH), Minimum Safeguards and Substantial contribution

  • Project management and verification tools built into the module

  • Request data from non-users on the platform

EU Taxonomy Dashboard

About The EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy provides a classification system or “framework” to create a common language for sustainable finance and corporate sustainability. It was developed to provide investors with enough information to compare companies’ sustainability disclosure and performance. All large public interest (link to blog post on who needs to report) companies with +500 employees need to report.

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